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Born in Ascot, England, Michael Lukes moved with his family to Rome, Italy.

During a school play and on the notes of The Beatles Yellow Submarine, he discovered his passion for music, fascinated by the legendary English band. Along with his school boy friend Michele, they form a duo cover band, performing at various social centers in the city and recording at a studio in the Testaccio neighborhood.

In 2014 Michael Lukes collaborated with Neroloz, making a cover of the hit song Titanium, by the well-known disc jockey David Guetta. Then came “Freeway”, a duo based on acoustic and countercurrent: an experience that intrigues the audience and left a lasting mark on Michael’s formation. “There is a need to speak deeply”, so in 2017 he decides to undertake a solo career by releasing his first single. He writes and composes a song to launch a message: “Infiniti Noi” focusing on love, and is designed with the goal of giving people a touch of hope and to break down the walls of everyday life, seemingly insurmountable obstacles that often do not allow us to be ourselves.


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