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Born in Ascot, England, Michael Lukes moved with his family to Rome, Italy.

At an early age, Michael Lukes demonstrated an active interest in music and was exposed to various music movements mainly from the UK scene.

He took up singing classes and founded his first band at 14 years, The Freeway : a duo based on acoustic.
– 2014 Michael Lukes collaborated with Neroloz, recording a cover of the hit song Titanium, by the well-known disc jockey David Guetta
– 2017 he decides to undertake a solo career releasing a cover of ‘Sound of Silence’ with which he won 2 awards for Original Interpretation and Arrangement.
– 2018 Completed studio recording of his debut EP titled I AM’ comprising 4 original tracks.
On 20th October 2018 – BBC Music broadcasts his first single ‘Far Away’ from the debut EP ‘I AM” on the programme BBC Introducing.


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